Silver, Gold, Titanium Levels

Silver Level 1 Beds/Hex 1:
These units are great for building a beautiful base tan! This level bed boosts melanin production, when used with higher level beds they help break the dreaded color plateau.

Gold Level 2 Beds:
These beds are an upgrade from our Booster Bronzing beds. These are a capsule style bed for better coverage on your sides. They offer stronger facial and bronzing bulbs.

Titanium Level 3 Beds/Hex 2:
Our strongest beds in the salon offer high-end bronzing bulbs that penetrate the skin for longer-lasting, deeper bronze color.


Silver, Gold, Titanium, Matrix Levels

SILVER Beds/ Hex:
Offers the base tan you are looking for to get started!

GOLD Beds/ Hex:
Are upgrades from the silver beds/hex. These beds are giving you a deeper and longer-lasting tan!

These beds will get you darker faster and have you staying darker for longer! You can’t go wrong!

The matrix is the fastest way to get deep, show stopping color. One session in this bed gives you as much color as spending an entire week tanning in our Silver Level Beds! The Matrix has specialized bronzing bulbs that give you a beautiful, dark lasting tan without burning even sensitive skin.

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